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Out of the Vault: Star Wars

Welcome to “Out of the Vault.” This is our blog series where we take you behind-the-scenes to show off our newest acquisitions and why we think they are an important addition to the Museum’s mission to tell you the diverse stories of the West. Today Eric Singleton, PH. D, Curator of Ethnology talks to us about some Star Wars-related prints just in time for May the Fourth.


These are two prints by Andy Everson called TENACITY and Resilience.

From the artist: “Andy Everson was born in Comox, BC in 1972 and named Nagedzi after his grandfather, the late Chief Andy Frank. Influenced heavily by his grandmother, he has always been driven to uphold the traditions of both the K’omoks and Kwakwaka’wakw First Nations. Andy Everson is known for his Star Wars-inspired prints that combine his childhood love of Star Wars with Northwest Coast Indigenous art. With “Tenacity,” a stormtrooper becomes a First Nations warrior and ancestor wearing the crests and garments of a Sea Eagle.”

About “Resilience”: “Today, our culture is a well-worn, battered set of armour that surrounds and protects us. It shows the marks from all of the preceding generations. Dented and scarred, it stands as a testament to the old peoples’ resilience. Our culture is a gift from our ancestors. It has withstood suffering, death, attack, malice, racism and attempted genocide and, yet, it still guides us to this day. Our culture is resilience personified.”


They show that art does not have to be defined by tradition, but rather speaks to the evolution of society and those things that influence its growth. And, c’mon, awesome.


Not yet, besides on this blog. These pieces are still in the vault awaiting display. Or maybe Eric has them in his office for Star Wars Day. We’ll keep you posted.

The Western Heritage Fund helps make acquisitions like this possible. The West is full of different cultures, peoples and stories, and you can help us share those stories.

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