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Out of the Vault: Western Wares

Welcome again to “Out of the Vault.” This is our blog series where we take you behind-the-scenes to show off our newest acquisitions and why we think they are an important addition to the Museum’s mission to tell you the diverse stories of the West.

This beaded bag is from around 1910 with amazingly vibrant beadwork, considering it’s more than 100 years old. Just look at those colors!

This is part of our newest exhibition “Western Wares,” running from February 11 – May 1st, which shows the influence of the West in fashion, design and lifestyle over the years. Fun fact: In addition to beads, native cultures used porcupine quills to create art by chewing them flat and dyeing them.

Learn to Do Your Own Beadwork

Discover the diverse ways people adorn personal items. Learn the two-needle applique style of beadwork used by Southeastern tribes during the flourishing period of historic beadwork in the 18th century. Students will bead an iconic design popular during that period. Suitable for beginners to advanced. Led by Cherokee National Treasure Tonia Hogner-Weavel, who has taught Cherokee beadwork for the past 10 years. All supplies provided, limited enrollment. $50; $40 for Museum members. Click Here to Register

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