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The Museum will close at 4:00 p.m. on Friday, April 14 and Saturday April 15 for a private event.

Prix de West Highlights: Whiskers

Hey Tim,

Your Prix de West Highlight blogs are doing great. Everyone enjoyed your Prix de West Highlights: Gone Fishing. Made me want to order some sushi for lunch. This past year has been a bit hairy for people, so if you could put together another fun blog to show off some more of the great art we have this year it would be great. And just type up the blog. No need to include my suggestions or comments. Just jump right into it.

-Seth “from Marketing”

Hairy! I’ve seen a lot of good ones for that.
Thanks, Tim

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There’s so much great whisker art this year at Prix de West that they could have called it Prix de Whiskers. Lol! Maybe next year. Enjoy some of my favorite whisker paintings. They look even better in person, so come in and check out the exhibition. If you become a member you can check it out as much as you like through August 8th.

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Here’s Greg Beecham’s “Gone Fishin'” Sometimes your whiskers will get wet. Just a fact. Lol!

Just look at the detail in “Through the Caldera” by Daniel Smith. Wouldn’t want to get too close to that hot breath. Lol!

James Morgan’s “Mutual Admiration” really shows you how important it is to find someone who will help you maintain your whiskers. Lol!

Those are some unruly whiskers in Joseph Bohler’s “The Yellow Slicker.” Wait. Did they just move? Lol!

This is “What’s the Plan” by Sonya Terpening. Here’s the plan. Just take a gander at those magnificent whiskers. Lol!

Thanks, Tim

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The 49th Annual Prix de West Invitational Art Exhibition & Sale will be on exhibit until August 8with sale weekend events happening June 25 – 26. Proxy services for the fixed-price sale and live auction will be available as soon as the exhibition opens until the night of the sale on June 26.

The exhibiting artists bring a diversity of styles to this significant art exhibition and sale. Works range from historical pieces that reflect the early days of the West, to more contemporary and impressionistic works of art. Landscapes, wildlife, and illustrative scenes are always highlighted in the exhibition.

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