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Prix De West Highlight: Transportation!

Hey Tim,

Congrats on your last blog “Prix de West Highlights: Love!”. It may be your best one yet. We need one more Prix de West blog before it ends this weekend and encourage people to proxy bid. Here’s the link you can use:  Just copy and paste the link. JUST the link. You can add your own introduction to this blog. People don’t need to read my bit.

Don’t forget to tell everyone to tune in live September 12th, 6:15 p.m. for the Live Auction by clicking HERE

-Seth “from Marketing”

Link posted!
Thanks, Tim

Can’t believe Prix de West is winding up this weekend. Hope you folks got a chance to check it out. Guess this will be my last Highlight “blog” “post.” Today’s theme is Transportation. So much to cover!

Here’s award-winner “Makeshift Ambulance” by Bill Anton. Love the light in this one. And the hope.

Harold T. Holden’s “Enter the Defense – Temple Lea Houston” shows off a really hard working horse. All horses are hard working. Don’t listen to what those cows say. Lol!

Look at “New Year in Chinatown” by Mian Situ. Horses and wagons are obvious transportation options, but traveling by Dad goes way back.

Bet you didn’t expect to see sailboats. You don’t get much more west than the pacific ocean. Christopher Blossom’s “Pilot Schooner ‘Pathfinder’ Approaching the Golden Gate.”

This is Martin Grelle’s “Safe Within the Circle.” And This is Martin Grelle!

This is Dean Mitchell’s “Outskirts.” You have to really zoom to see the transportation in this one. How do they paint so small? Lol!

Street cars, buggies, cars. This one has it all. “Winter Evening on Broadway – Oklahoma City – 1898” by Charles Fritz

This is Dan Ostemiller’s “Remi’s Turtle.” How does this fit into the transportation theme you ask? He’s carrying a mobile home! Lol!

Couldn’t do a transportation-themed blog without mentioning our great sponsor Eskridge Lexus OKC. I’m tying this one down.

Thanks, Tim

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