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The Museum will be closed to the public on December 15 for a Private Event.

The Western Heritage Fund


We’re putting together a fundraising campaign with a series of emails and social posts encouraging people to donate to the Western Heritage Fund and help the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum continue to preserve and share the West’s diverse experiences and stories with audiences for generations to come. 

I was thinking maybe using a hashtag like #FunRaisingForTheCowboy. Seems like a hashtag we could use to generate some traction online.

Can you put together an email outline for a new campaign? Just send it over to me for approval before sending anything out. 

-Seth “from Marketing”

Will do, Seth!
Thanks, Tim

Howdy Folks,

Seth from Marketing asked me to put together a bunch of emails and posts asking you good people to donate to the Museum. It’s a great Museum and an amazing bunch of folks works here. I’m very proud to be part of the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum family. Your donation would really help.

Doesn’t seem like I need to say more than that, right?

Donate here.

Thanks, Tim


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